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๐Ÿ‘‰ AV Installation Project - The Poppy Den Recording Studio โ€“ North Vancouver, BC, Canada

A state-of-the-art recording facility and music retreat located on the beautiful North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. There are times when you need both a technical and creative space to rehearse and record your music. Poppy Den Recording Studio is just that kind of place. Nestled away in a secluded, private home in North Vancouver - on the banks of one of the shore's most beautiful rivers. Vancouver's Poppy Den Recording Studio features high-end recording gear and utilizes ProTools with a Control-24 surface that allows for intuitive recording, mixing and editing. Poppy Palace is a recording studio in itself - not just a recording studio in the house. The entire house is wired with tie lines so that artists can record throughout the spectacular spaces of Poppy Palace, which offers a variety of extraordinary spaces to create sound and music.

Responsibilities - Wiring, conduit and equipment installation, custom designed and fabricated mic and input panels, custom built sub-woofers, electrical and room construction coordination, Project Management


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